i love your breath on my neck

the eye in the sky

gathered collected


data, enzymes

herky jerkies

all to be deciphered

soon enough

the wires removed

plastic tubes reclaimed

the flat land

void of oak and maple

the horizon

the warm fall air

the truckstops

all psuedo-comfort

and false teeth

making fake smilles

void of compassion

no niches to hide hope

but too many creeps

and abundance of crawlies

used car salesmen smirks

gold-like pinkie-ring

and chest hair

when we

settle back in

routines and holidays



smells of our beautiful life

the indignities fall away

the indecent melt

brilliance only remains

i want to bathe

in the light

i want to twist

in the air

one day we

will roll down a hill

in moist green grass

one day we

will capture laughter

in mason jar


far as long as

the sun rises and sets

i will see you

full of light and love

a kindness unseen before

bending the knees of gods

rain writes your melody

as the world sings

isle of emeralds


lovers for lovers

siren’s voices

healing and shadowed

clear and crisp

a mid-fall morning

plans and fortunes

means and measures

of all we can

the hope of the ignorant

free from worry

no accountability

wrapped warmed

and forgetting

all things

pale and dull

replacing with tokens

and trinkets and tinsel

high gloss

life that shimmers

iridescent happiness

and shining hope

bright letters

and bleached teeth

giving direction


intuition bought


love taxable

cotton candy and destruction

the whispers

words so soft

floating music

tales and lunacy

i remember days

i called you friend

before the pomp

before the lies

before the malice

i remember me

cage battles with bigots

but that is not all

i remember much more

screams with no sound

fear of my name

i remember

my soul cold and wet

accusations without merit

abominable destruction

a wrecking ball

smashing all i know

turning truth into dust

despite the pain

humiliation, shunning

between us

there is no hate

there is no love

there is too much loss

and too many boggarts

i do hope you find

sanctuary and refuge

the stones you gathered

and distributed

thrown with expert precision

killing much

damaging more

still covered in my naivety

are heavy in the palms

of those who you once called friend

the mouths of volcanos

monsters in the mirror

screaming clammering

bleeding and ready

ogres live

in the middle

of the shadow

and dissolve in the light

the spider web

silk and lovely

a predator’s alarm system

mermaids in the foam

where the fresh and salt

collide and mingle

like the people

those people

the dirty martinis

and unpronounceable wine

they are the center

the danger

alchemists of social constructs

those holding trinkets

lovely rare and shimmering

worthless, useless and vile

but once established

they need to be owned

the rat-race and the mazes

idiot after idiot pushing

trampling children and mothers

killing elders destroying wisdom

those once lovely in spirit

those who were meek

the kind, the gentle

the most honorable

morphed into creatures

in three piece suits

beautiful skin

lovely mouths

screeching, demanding

more and more and more

to break the body

is a simple task

pulling the soul

detaching morals

dissecting happiness

these are skills

hideous and macabre

the game of humanity

the have and havenots

the different boxes

and silly sneetches



universal judgement

a separation from your god

outcomes and repercussions

will always take their turn to dance

and at the bottom was hope

there are journeys

a one creature path

necessary and frivolous

a mind needs respite

and the body purged

taking trips to real

spiraling down

consumed in darkness

thick moist cold

with water sprouting

from every pore

fear hatred sadness

news flashes:

  • “a deadly disease killing morality-story at six”
  • “they are not human enough”
  • “the war on terror….”
  • “dead”
  • “friendly fire”
  • “war on drugs”
  • “cartels and automatic rifles”

another child dead

another child dead

another child dead

another man of color

caged, sitting in pink shorts

another family shattered

another mother caged

too poor to buy hotdogs

her life stolen for $0.99

another woman too pretty

used as a cum depository

it ripples and writhes

through all of us

when you turn off

your internal dialogue

their screams

their pleading

their terror

swims through you

turn on the television

and drink a beer

in the lazyboy recliner

or close your eyes

and spin in circles

holding your breath

for hours and days

for months and years

disregard humiliate destroy

there can be no absolution

no pardon, no award

so stumble and stutter

away from







scream and convulse in darkness

you cannot escape

matter is connected

energy never dies

there is no place to run

and not hear humanity’s cries

the puppet show starts at 1:00

moses went mad

when he shimmied down

the face of mount sinai

he knew god ran out of ink

before the last words

“thou shall think for thy self”

that is the crux of it all

determining the scam from reality

now that’s the money maker

weeding through the piles

of nonsensical bullshit 

disguised in a pink chiffon dress

we live and learn and lie

it’s the way it has been 

since the evolution and development

of the prefrontal cortex 

manipulation comes too quickly

greed lust gluttony can be found

at the nearest all you can eat buffet

those with shoving food

nonstop into their mouths

while others wait quietly

by the dumpsters 

in hopes the cat smoking a cigarette

is too lazy to pour the poison

on top of the potential meal

just a small ray of hope

brought about by starvation

and sleep deprivation

everything else dances away

need is all that remains

rational, acceptable, obtainable

just concepts that cost too much

participation through apathy

to ignore and forget echoes consent

those on top, nameless and faceless

pulling strings forcing plastic smiles

they don’t worry, they don’t fret

their children do not get sick

all is right in the world 

but down here in fuckedville

poverty and desperation is the fuel

every moment is reaction

our instincts polished 

time is a luxury item

that we simply cannot afford

back then

centuries of learned destruction

one after the other after the other

a snowball rolling down hill

it all started with just a tiny snowflake

here we all sit in today, this hour, this minute

never seen before and never seen again

there are times i want to grab the moment

i want to hold it like a lover and keep it safe

there are the times my mind

my thoughts swims backward

i walk into my 6 year old self

everything looks different

nothing is familiar or comforting

there is a tension that is palpable

in the air, a dense fog of unhappiness

my mother screaming at full volume

my dad laughing then driving away

my sister and i not even cringing

“guess we aren’t having supper tonight”

we play candy land because that is fun

apologies, drunk stupors, violence, bruises

nostalgia is a bitch in red heels