clowns and powerstruggles

there is something absolutely undeniably goofy about power and the ways ppl (collectively and individually) strive to possess it.  for westerners our power, or sense of personal and political identity, generally has something to do with STUFF.  the more stuff we have the better off we are in the scheme of life.  look back on history….the romans loved stuff.  they loved going to new places and taking the indigenous populations stuff-gold, food, children, women, clothing, land, you know pretty much everything right down to culture and religion.  so we look back on the roman empire as a great empire with lots of land and loads of stuff they acquired simply by taking it away from other ppl.  look at england and france and spain, they all took good notes from roman culture, mostly because the culture that was there previous to roman invasion was burned and bred out, making the dominant culture, well, roman.  ok, but this is hundreds of years down the line, so they were considered separate-but they weren’t, they were the same, but for shits and giggles we will look at them as independent cultures and societies.  the english, french and spanish adored stuff, too.  they bickered and fought over  land, resources, women, slaves, all the stuff and then one would be on top for a decade while the others plotted how to get their stuff back, because that is the only way to have power-STUFF!  they would go back and forth, fighting and taking then warring and taking again.  soon they found out that there was more to the world than they thought.  o goodie more stuff!  more ppl more resources more land more power!  whoever wields the most of the stuff is the RULER OF THE WORLD!  so they traveled over to the new land and took stuff, fought about that stuff, then other ppl became powerful bc they won the stuff.  ok, so STUFF=POWER…i mean obviously from a historical perspective the answer is clearly “yuppers”.  well, that is the politics of nations, politics of politicians and conquerors, what that does that have to do with us now today in this moment?  the thing is this powerplay is only available on a political global scale bc we as individuals have small stuff wars all the time.  gold, silver, paper money, credit-scams to create the illusion of power.  and the best way to accumulate this power is to take stuff from someone else.  donald trump is no genius, he has no redeeming qualities to speak of, but he is a powerful man both politically and personally.  ppl give him their stuff, their money their power.  the funny thing is it is all, whether we are talking about political or personal global or private, an illusion.  the idea that there is only so much to go around is a lie!  it is a lie to keep ppl on the bottom and keep ppl on the top, but it is not real!  when something appears limited, it is deemed valuable and how very few ppl are able to attain the “valuable” things/items/thoughts/ideas are the ppl who wield the swords, leaving the idea that when something is in abundance it is not as worthy.  the majority of the world’s population has been told and shown that they are powerless, worth less, disposable.  but again a big fat lie!  we are all born with inherit power and worth, and the stuff is simply plastic surgery to hide that fact.  if every person was to recognize their true power, their own independent worth, then the system that has survived for so long dies.  if we stop saying that STUFF=POWER, and look at the truth, we stop the oppression train that has driven those few to the top of the mountain of stuff.  we don’t need to take power away from anyone else in order to have power.  it is ingrained in us, in all living things.  times are a’changin’.  instead of proving to the haves why we should have, it’s time for them to prove why we can havenot.  it is time for them to show their hand, to eliminate the stuff system they have relied on for so long.  i would reckon a bet that we will see the emperor’s new clothes are just figments of our imaginations.

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