having sex will cause you to die


sperm egg




i have started looking forward to monday afternoons when my youngest son sam and his best friend will walk to the house.  see mondays are the days they get to learn about sex ed.  and bc i am a mom who has talked to her children since birth about sex, body parts, stds, pregnancy, and consent, they have a pretty good idea of what is real and what is just plain bullshit!  will’s parents are the same.  they come in the house so excited to tell me what kinda nonsense they learned!  it is funny to us mostly bc we are aware of the lie, but it is also scary bc for alot of ppl this maybe the only sex ed they receive.

last week’s topic was std’s.  they showed a penis with a terrible case of some green bumpy cauliflowery illness.  they showed a man with a cup of what appeared to be semen and said “this is what causes hiv and other std’s”.  they then went on to tell the kids that condoms are only effective 30%-50% of the time.  my assumption for these incredibly asinine stats is that if they told kids the truth they would be having orgies in the parking lot and all public restrooms would be spilling over with teen sex.  when in fact, the truth is, ppl are going to have sex,  yup they are,  if they think condoms are not a safe form of birthcontrol or that the odds are still against them, they will still have sex, it will just be wo a condom.

so today the boys came bouncing into the house full of new information!  they told me in very excited tones about how they were told that having sex would lead to suicide!  yup!  having sex will cause you to kill yourself.  they were told if they survived the trauma, they would most definitely have a kid, which will ruin their lives,  they were then told to put tape on their arm and pull it off.  then put it back on their arms, pull it off again.  “do you notice how it doesn’t stick as well the second time?  this is the same thing that will happen to you emotionally after having sex.”  hmmm…wow…

so our kids our being lied to-outright false data!  it is amusing in the sense that it is so far from accurate.  having sex w multiple partners will make you emotionally unattached when the time comes for you to fall in love, guaranteed pregnancy, teen fatherhood and motherhood, hiv caused by semen….

i can’t wait to find out what we learn next week!



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