prisons, drugs, sociopaths

when i talk to ppl about being an anarchist, the thing they have issue with is “what about criminals?”  here are my thoughts on that….

despite what we have been spoon-fed to believe making something illegal does not deter ppl from doing taking that action.  ppl will not stop doing something simply bc it is against the law.  there are always, always other mitigating factors.

for example, ppl from every walk of life do drugs.  there are some ppl who do not do drugs, and that is generally bc they have seen what drug abuse can do to you, and they have decided they don’t want that in their lives.  for those that take drugs, they may be very careful about where they buy the drugs, where they do the drugs, and feel the need to “be cool man” bc the police are around, but they are still doing drugs.  it being against the law has not done a damn thing to change the amount of drugs being done, the manner in which they are done, or the amount of ppl doing drugs.  the reason for drug use hasn’t changed.  the only thing that has changed is that a person can be thrown in prison, possibly for the rest of their life, for doing something to their own bodies.

“well, let’s say we make drugs legal…what about those ppl who rob ppl, murder ppl, steal cars?  what do you propose we do with those ppl?  just let them run amuck being violent and hurting others?  surely the threat of the death penalty or life in prison makes ppl at least think twice before doing something violent, so by having your hippie-assed utopia wouldn’t you be allowing and condoning such actions?”

of course that is not what i want to see!  and i believe that wo exterior wealth and competition for status and power, we would have very little violence in society.  power changes a person.  it causes mental health problems and neurosis.  not only are we concerned about surviving, we are concerned about being number one, having the prettiest, the biggest, the most.  it is a constant need to be better than the person next to you.  there have been studies done that prove that when ppl have implied wealth and power associated with that wealth, their attitude towards others changes, they become greedy and demanding.  they degrade other ppl.  neuroscience has found that there are at least 7 emotional triggers in the brain that have been found on pet scans.  in some ppl one of the triggers can become overly sensitive.  this can happen for several reasons-prenatal stress, environment especially in early development but not exclusive to this time, genetics.  bc they have found these triggers, they are finding ways to help stimulate the other areas and decrease the overly excited one.

example-a person who was under alot of stress as a fetus, was born and exposed to war or extreme conditions, moved from place to place, and had parents who ruled by the rod and were aggressive to other ppl, their anxiety and anger triggers will be more exposed and sensitive. in a person who has the anxiety and anger trigger that is overstimulated, they can be in the middle of a simple argument and lash out, hurting or even killing someone due to an instability in the brain. identifying this and intervening with therapeutic methods,  the parts of the brain that control reason and patience and happiness can be stimulated and the anxiety and anger impulses decreased.

“what about ppl that molest children or rapists?  what about sociopaths?  i guess they should be let go too.”  i am adamantly opposed to sexual assault of any kind!!!!  i admit i don’t have the answer for that one.  nor do i have any logical idea of what to do with sociopaths, those that cannot be rehabilitated.  what i do know is that there have been many cultures through history that essentially anarchist.  many celtic traditions, some native american traditions but not all, there are tribes in africa that are still anarchist

i know it is doable.  and i know it has to be alot better than what we are living in today.  ppl are starving when we have enough food to feed everyone on the planet, when places like golden corral are throwing out food then pouring poison on it so the homeless can’t eat it.  i know that we incarcerate 85% of the black males in this country alone.  i know that going to war and telling ppl they must live as we do bc otherwise we will blow them up and cut off their water sources is not the way to go.  i know that living in a community that feeds all the ppl in the community is a wonderful way to live your life.



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