and jim crow lives on in new shoes

and jim crow lives on in new shoes

for those of you who still think we are a racially equal society, please please take a look at the stats of people of color imprisoned for drug crimes in comparison to white ppl incarcerated for drug crimes.  the facts are facts.  a fact- ppl all across the racial spectrum do drugs.  a fact- despite no one racial group doing drugs more than another racial group there is one racial group that is less likely to be arrested,prosecuted, convicted,  imprisoned denied early release and not as likely to have the 3 strikes policy enforced-that racial group is white ppl.  a fact- crack is cocaine cut with baking powder, water added then the water cooked out.  crack has less cocaine than powder cocaine does, but it you will serve more time for possession of one gram of crack than the possession 2 lbs of powder cocaine.  why is this?  bc crack is viewed as a black drug, the drug of the poor.

the war on drugs is a lie!  it is a lie to create rifts between ppl of color and white ppl, to break communities apart, to make ppl a “criminal” for the rest of their lives with very little chance of surviving outside the criminal “justice” system.  the war on drugs creates the illusion of stopping violence where violence does not exist.  it is a tool to stop and frisk ppl of color for no reason- “he looked like he might have drugs””he has been known for selling drugs in the past””he was in a known drug neighborhood” are all reasons that are commonly used to bypass the 4th amendment of the constitution.


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