The “F” Word: Wetlands Magazine and Feminism By Erika Barker (with significant contributions from the illustrious Tosia Klincewicz)

Wetlands Magazine

     Usually, when I tell college acquaintances that I’m on the staff of Wetlands Magazine, they’ll say something along the lines of, “Oh, isn’t that the feminist magazine?” with a knowing look that seems to imply, “The feminist magazine, as in the one I wouldn’t be caught dead reading or submitting a piece to.” From politicians and journalists, to pop stars, everyone seems to have their own take on what feminism is and what’s wrong with it. Generally, people still seem to recoil when they hear the word, especially those outside the University of Puget Sound bubble. The awful truth is that Wetlands really is a feminist publication.  But before you roll your eyes, or slam your laptop closed and run away screaming, let’s talk honestly about what it means for Wetlands to be a “feminist” publication. Let’s talk about where feminism is today, rather than…

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