please hand your uterus over

irritable uterus

look, i understand that some women see conservative theories as some sort of way to hold on to patriarchal values that make them feel safe and snug.  it must be kinda nice to not have to think for yourself, i guess.  i have never been that sort of gal, but i have seen them and talked to them and they scare me kinda.  my sister is one of those girls.

but there is a line between your backassedwards view of family sanctity and insanity!

this is an unfinished list of women who are doing their best to take away the few rights that women have, and in my opinion they should hand their uterus’s over for medical evaluation and to prevent breeding:

ann coulter, mary fallin, sally kern, michelle bauchman, sarah pallin, any and all bush women-if you married into it or you are related by blood it is the same-please mail in your uterus!

now i see that i look a bit like a democrat in that i have only listed very radical radical rightwinged women.  well, for the most part, the women i have met in the democratic party are at least down to talk about equal rights.  i have met some really bad ass democrat women who were just anarchist who have never been introduced to true anarchist theory.  constance johnson is one of those women.  if you don’t know who she is please look it up bc she is a tidal wave of a great gal pal!  also, i have seen many women of the left seriously on the front lines of promoting EQUAL rights for ppls, queer ppls, ppls with vaginas, ppl of color, trans ppl, disabled ppl.  so at least when having a serious political talk with a democrat you are not 300 years apart when it comes to the validity of human beings, for the most part.

the facts are this-i have this body, it is my body, i get to move my body how i want to move my body, i get to decide when i am going to eat, sleep, and fornicate and with who i am going to do those things.  i have this brain, my brain is functioning, my thoughts are rational and valid, i have an above average iq, i am capable of forming thoughts all by myself, my brain can receive sensory information, decipher it and then make my body act accordingly, my brain is just as good as any person with an xy chromosomal pattern.  my body and my brain function together.  my brain tells my body to have sex w someone bc of whatever reason (there are many factors that drive sexual behavior:love, desire, money, a need to breed, a need to feel beautiful, magic, lust and so on and so on) and that is what i can do. that is what i am going to do.  if my body responds by having a chemical reaction with a foreign material, ie unwanted pregnancy, my brain says these are my options… brain weighs those options and propels my body to preform the best option my brain sees fit.  and that is how it is.

noone tells me what to do with my body or my brain.  i decide that, uterus and all!  i decide who to have sex with and who to show my  boobs to.  i decide what i want to eat, which is usually a more difficult decision than who to have sex with.  i will not stop doing that.  i don’t care what the law says, this is my body and i will act according to my body and brain’s desires and needs.  i do not care if you pass legislation telling me that you get to control aspects of my body-you don’t ever.  i am capable of finding a way to do what my body and brain needs done.  i don’t care if you pass laws regulating if i can think or not.  i am going to.  i don’t care if you pass laws telling me how to eat and how to look and what to wear and when to shave.  i am going to do what i am going to do because i am a valid human being.

your laws have shown me that being a human being is not enough.  that you must be a certain type of human being in order to be taken seriously and to be given a shot at this american pie inthe sky life.  well, your life doesn’t look so fab to me.  your pie is bland!  how can you have freedom when you are regulated?  and at what point does it stop?  do you get to tell me that i can only have my period every other month or the amount i am allowed to bleed?  do you get to tell the ppl of color how much pigment they are allowed to have?  do you get to regulate our urination the same way you try to regulate our sexuality?  see, my brain tells me all that is hogwash and i don’t want to play.  i don’t feel like pretending it’s all good anymore.  i don’t want your brand of freedom.  i am doing just fine on my own!


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