disclaimer and hi im gracie


disclaimer to all friends, soon to be friends, acquaintances, family members trolls, assholes, and anyone else reading this:

1. i am blunt
2. i use sarcasm but i am very bad at it, instead of getting offended and screaming cuss words at me over the internet please ask me to rephrase what i am saying or to clarify, you can do this by using cuss words if you want, but i mean at least make sure you are getting pissed about something real and not a miscommunication in language

3. i don’t understand sarcasm or other forms of humor and sometimes will not understand implied theories, even if it is common knowledge. i will ask, please, refrain from calling me an idiot bc i don’t think like everyone else.

4. i am political, or at least i have been told i am, so if you don’t agree with me, that is cool we can probably have a fantastic conversation as long as you understand that i have probably thought about my political stance way more than you have, and i am not likely to convert to your theories. i will not ridicule you for your ideologies* so please don’t ridicule me.
5. i am against cultural homogenization and racial whitewash.
6. i am a pretty nice person. that doesn’t make me naive or dumb or ignorant. it means that i try to not go around hurting ppl unnecessarily. there are times, though, when i will speak my truth and it might hurt your feelings, if that happens let me know bc i don’t like to make ppl hurt.
*if you are a person who is a bigot, if you hate ppl on the basis of: culture, genetics, gender, lack of gender, sexuality, lack of sexuality, religious beliefs, lack of religious beliefs, economic levels, or any other pretentious bullshit, if you have no basis for your beliefs beyond simple stereotypes and generic hatred i will not have a conversation with you. if you are some tinfoil hat nutcase who believes: anyone outside of america is bad, the devil planted dinosaur bones to throw ppl off so they don’t believe in god, there is no such thing as gravity, poor ppl are lazy, ppl of color are bad or women are stupid, queer ppl are going to hell, ok anyone is going to hell, or other insane off the wall made up jibberish, please simply fuck off, we have nothing to talk about at all. i will not listen to you and you will not listen to me. so it will just be screaming and i have, you know, scientific proof that you are a numbskull so just save everyone the time, hassle and insanity and take a flying leap off a tall building. i have no time or patience for that.

for everyone else…hi i’m gracie



  1. Lili · November 1, 2013

    I hope I don’t count as a family troll. ❤

    Gracie, could you or Ted please email me with your current address and phone number? I need it to fill out a form to get benefits here (they also want to know these details for J. and J. Jr. … I have no idea what to put for those two, since I don't want contact with either of them, but if you have that info, that would be helpful too).

    • cakeleevannila · November 1, 2013

      i will talk to ted. i don’t have any info on jjr except he is currently living w your mom. i will inbox you w our info!!! ted might have jsr’s info but i am not for certain on that one!
      and no you are not a family troll. it’s my bio family-mom and sister.

  2. Raw Discourse · December 1, 2013

    Hi Gracie. Everything following your asterisks made me smile and I like you already.

    • cakeleevannila · December 1, 2013

      reading your blog makes me feel good. you put words to so much stuff that those of us at the bottom of the food chain go through, concepts that are extremely difficult to articulate. your thoughts on poverty and the mental/emotional processes the poor go through are very well detailed. thank you for bringing words to our plight, and for having such courage to speak up!

      • Raw Discourse · December 1, 2013

        Thank you for saying that .. it wasn’t sure how people would react. Thus far the comments have all been positive but its probably inevitable that some will not be. I will do my best to respond to those with legitimate concerns and ignore the rest. =)

      • cakeleevannila · December 1, 2013

        it is hard to be civil sometimes. i think it is awesome what you are doing. it is brave and not easy going back to school when you have kids and working. a good look at the realities of being poor is necessary. alot of what you point out, i do but don’t realize i do it bc it is just how it is, ya know? we don’t realize sometimes that it is not how everyone has to live.
        what is cool though is although my children all want to pursue higher education they are not doing it to make more money and not be poor. my son eli’s girlfriend is an astrophysist and she doesn’t want to work for a private business, which would pay way better, she wants to work for a university or nasa. making more money is not their motivation-which is cool to me. of course i want them to have better, but there is alot of good stuff that ppl don’t realize about poor ppl-our sense of community, feeling empathy for those around us and a strong work ethic. we are also capable of surviving extremely harsh conditions, and can stretch a dollar to make the most out of it. i know at least for us in this house, everything we have, is not taken for granted. we have worked hard to get where we are. so when we get something like a game system or a new couch (we bought the first new couch i have ever had last november) it is a big deal!

      • Raw Discourse · December 1, 2013

        I agree with and my children children are the same way. They are not looking at what degree will make them they most money, but what job will bring them the most joy. I think if I hated my job the miserable factor in my life would multiply exponentially. I actually really enjoy being a reporter, it just doesn’t pay enough for survival.

        I think you are right about work ethic and gratitude. We do have things, but we worked hard for them and even though they are not the latest and greatest in whatever it is.. we are grateful for them.

        My kids do not feel entitled or expect things and personally I don’t see that as a bad thing. I don’t have kids pitching a fit in Walmart because I won’t buy them a toy and my son works on the weekends and on school breaks to make money for his own clothes and to save up for a car. He knows I cannot afford these things and he doesn’t ask me for them. He does ask me if I need help with anything and offers to give me some of his money if I need it which speaks volumes about his priorities and personality in my opinion. I am lulcky, I think I have some pretty awesome kids. =)

        It is great just to talk to someone else who knows where you are coming from. I get it.. everything you said here.. I get it. I am 42 years old and when we got our income tax last year I purchased my FIRST new sofa. Yeah its a cheap Big Lots couch, but its new and its mine. You are right it is a big deal.

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