government shutdown

government shutdown

those goddamned poor ppl will just take advantage of the medical system and go to the dr for any little thing-a broken limb, pneumonia, diabetes, high blood pressure, unusual heart rate, and other bogus fake bullshit that will clog up our medical system. they will want tests run, all kinds of unnecessary tests: mri’s for possible strokes, blood work when they have a family history of diabetes, ekg’s, xrays! not to mention the medications they will want-blood pressure pills, insulin, ANTIBOTICS!!!!!! this is an outrage! don’t those poor ppl know that they have put themselves in this position? what do they think this is, the land of the free or some bullshit like that?
all the senators and representatives can go to the dr, on taxpayers’ dimes, when they have the sniffles or gonorrhea. the ppl most likely to become ill due to inadequate nutrition and poor living conditions, they are the problem.

*guess i should tell you this is sarcasm….if you didn’t pick that up already…if you are nodding your head in approval of poor ppl not having healthcare, please promptly get off my page and  go take a flying leap off a cliff while fucking yourself!  thanks


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