down for the count

when these don't work all you feel is pain

when these don’t work all you feel is pain

this has sorta turned into an ongoing list of symptoms to turn over to the dr….sorry

  • weakness
  • confusion
  • nausea
  • sensitivity to cold
  • feeling as though electricity is going down long bones
  • tenderness
  • inability to walk upright
  • stiff joints
  • fabric hurts the skin
  • pressure from lying down
  • pressure on the feet when standing up
  • headache
  • burning mucus membranes
  • exhaustion
  • sensitivity to noise
  • sensitivity to light
  • burning under the skin
  • muscle weakness
  • muscle jerks
  • spasms
  • visual processing issues
  • auditory processing issues
  • verbal issues-word recall problems, inability to say the word fluently
  • vomiting
  • vertigo
  • forgetfulness
  • inability to pay attention
  • falling down
  • digestive issues
  • one-sided pain/weakness
  • inability to move my legs

i am in a bad way today.  change in the weather, exhaustion, stress, whatever.  it’s all stuff i have no control over.  i am embarrassed, my kids shouldn’t have to see me like this.  so tired.  so tired of not having control.  so tired of not having a proper diagnosis.  so tired of drs treating symptoms while my body and brain deteriorate.  so tired of unknown unseen uncommon.  in a battle the ability to see and know your opponent is crucial.  i am at a massive disadvantage.  i am scared.  i am tired.  i am going to sleep-hopefully


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