orwell’s world

orwell's world

it is a very eery feeling walking my son into his school. we walk through a hallway that is set up exactly like an airport security checkpoint. you are channeled forcibly to walk through metal detectors, there are police officers with metal detecting wands and broad chests. i think i am supposed to feel safe bc there is the feeling that “we ain’t lettin’ nothin get in here that can hurt your kid!” but i don’t feel safe, my son doesn’t feel safe. we are well aware that a teacher has taken a loaded gun into that very same school! my middle son has found security blind spots since his first day in high school. he brought to the teachers and the principals bc he thought maybe they just missed it, and well, he felt he was doing a good thing. but instead of addressing the issue, they told my son he shouldn’t be worrying about those sorts of things, he was safe. there are drug dogs roaming the halls and militant police officers at the ready.
we drive down the road and our pictures are constantly being taken and uploaded for analysis. the police are able to see who a vehicle is registered to and if they are a “threat” by simply driving by a car, they don’t even have to push a button anymore. the amount of electricity your house uses is monitored. your travel records are constantly updated. your credit card spending is databased- all for your protection.
but are we safer? is this safety really? i do not feel secure. i do not feel ok or snuggly warm knowing that no matter what i am being watched. it makes me sad. it makes me paranoid. it makes me angry!



  1. vicbriggs · October 8, 2013

    Pictures speak louder than words, and your choice of image was spot on. Thank you for another interesting read x

  2. Jayde-Ashe · October 9, 2013

    Wow, that sounds terrifying! It is hard to reconcile the image of a school that sounds like a prison. In country Western Australia schools aren’t quite to that level, but no doubt they will get there.

    • cakeleevannila · October 9, 2013

      it is incredibly scary! we live in a town of about 100,000 ppl, maybe a few more, and our only (no seriously) only commerce is a very large army artillery base. we have i think 3 factories but they employee just a handful of ppl and nothing would exist here without the army installation. this year alone there have been 14+ homicides, i believe that is the current count. we have rampant gang issues and extreme poverty. 85% of the population is on some sort of social aid but this is a state that is constantly cutting social aid. there is massive amounts of violence. but instead of becoming more strict in law enforcement and treating the kids like criminals, i believe, the best way to combat these issues is to give the kids something to do and a way to invest in their community. there is literally NOTHING for teens to do, they can’t even go to the mall without an adult. if ppl are doing community building activities they are less likely to want to do damage to that community.

      • Jayde-Ashe · October 9, 2013

        Wow, that’s awful. It’s such a shame when it gets to that level, isn’t it. Because it’s so hard to drag the city back up again! That sounds very frightening.

      • cakeleevannila · October 9, 2013

        this town in toxic. ppl have tried to start things to give kids something to do, options, but they always fall. the city itself will do everything it can to close youth-based establishments down. it is sad.

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