the new house


you know you are getting settled when you do an entire load of laundry from start to finish in your house-wash, dry, fold, hang and put away!  

we are really lucky!  our landlords who happen to be our friends are good ppl, i guess that is a given considering we are friends, but….the general deal you get in the town we live in when renting a property is you give over your money once a month, and they give you a receipt.  then if something breaks, call the landlord and do a dance in hopes they will come and fix it.  you might get lucky and it be a major catastrophe and their property is at risk therefore the avoidance of fixing the issue is against their best interest, but most of the time if it is something that hurts you as a tenant or makes your life more difficult, sucks to be you!  well, that just isn’t the case w this situation!  things happen in houses, i mean it is just what happens, and especially when you are first settling in and getting adjusted.  everything that we have told the landlords about they have come and taken care of immediately.  some ppl may attribute this to us being very close, but really i think that is how they are!  they are good to us!  

our house just feels so good!  i enjoy it wholeheartedly!  for the most part we have all of our art up on the walls, and everything has a place.  we do have a collection of items to put in the shed and we need to find someone to give all the moving boxes to, but for the most part we are in!  i have danced in the kitchen and whistled while putting away laundry!  

now we need to plan a dinner party!!!!  and beg plead and barter to have our outoftown friends over for a slumber party!


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