the nonfiction view of poor ppl’s use of food stamps


some ppl think food stamps are the devil.  i think starvation is closer to the darkest of evils myself.  food is necessary for ppl to live!  i know that sounds like  a well known fact….but there are ppl who want to do away with the food stamp program (currently know as snap benefits) bc it is not the job of the gov to feed lazy ppl with no jobs or low paying jobs.  so if a person must eat, but a person can’t afford to eat and the gov won’t step in and communities won’t step in and the individual won’t step in doesn’t that mean we are saying, even through silence, that those ppl don’t deserve to live?  i think so.

food is expensive!  plain and simple!  and the food that is the most accessible to the largest population-the poor-is in reality not nutritious-a lunch of ramen noodles, a can of soda and a twinkie cost about $1.25 compared to a salad with greens instead of iceberg lettuce and cheese and nuts which cost about $5.73.  although the calorie count on the poor man’s lunch is much higher than that of the other, there is little to no nutrition in the calories.  this leads to so many health problems: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, major electrolyte imbalances, etc.  and despite the ongoing rumor that we will have socialized medicine-which we will not-there is no way to combat the medical issues  caused by inadequate nutrition without changing the diet of the person who is suffering.

there is a theory that food stamps and other forms of socialized help causes laziness.  this is bullshit-plain and simple.  most ppl who receive assistance, food stamps being the most common form, are working and have children.  many ppl on assistance are elderly and disabled making working outside the home difficult to impossible.

another common misconception is the character in modern society called the welfare mother.  it is a racist stereotype of a lazy mom, usually black, who goes and has baby after baby just to get more assistance from the gov.  well, i am here to tell you this is bullshit!  there is not a single person who is going to have a child for the measly money given out by the gov.  it just doesn’t happen.  the monthly max total for tanf and food stamps combined is $400.  i hate to break it to you, but that is just not enough money to justify having a kid.  it’s not enough to raise a kid much less turn a profit.  this character needs to be erased from the public lexicon, it is dangerous and hurtful and just plain stupid to even say such things!

“i don’t want my tax dollars to go to help some unwed, teenage mother buy her kid chips and soda!!!!” that is the battle cry of those opposed to public assistance. it is generally sung by the same ppl who are totally against abortion and proper sexual education and public access to birth control.  so we want ppl to have babies, young ppl, but we don’t want them to stay home and raise them nor do we want to give them any financial respite to help fend off the effects of malnutrition….does this make any sense?

ppl seem to think that so much of their tax dollar goes to public assistance, but that is not the case at all!  only about $.20 of every dollar goes to assistance-that includes hud, food stamps, tanf, medical.  over $.50 of every dollar goes into the military.  the rest is distributed through programs such as the national parks.  so we are nationally cool with killing ppl but not with feeding them.

the bottom line is if there is a gov that gov should be there to serve the needs of the ppl, period.  ppl need food!  without food ppl die.  without proper nutrition ppl die slowly.  i am personally not comfortable with deciding which of my neighbors, friends, family members, the ppl in the grocery stores should be the next head on the chopping block.  are you?


  1. The Belmont Rooster · October 14, 2013

    I think there are a lot of issues involved here, and it is a little different when you talk about folks with an education and from a family of 3-4 that can’t make it and those from the south with little or no education that come from a family of 10. Not to be racist, either. I have black and white friends, some wealthy and some very poor, some with college degrees, and many wit no education hardly at all. And yes, I do know a guy who’s father has 25 kids with multiple women, who is black, doesn’t work, and died a few years ago. I know of a few very large families here that are illiterate who have illiterate children who have large families, etc. etc. They have intermarried with cousins for so many generations. All are on disability, and just keep having kids. They don’t do it to get more welfare, they just don’t know any better. SO, we have a very wide territory to cover. I do support working families with children who do try to make a living and better themselves getting government assistance. I do support men and women who are unemployed getting government assistance. I do don’t approve the people who simply don’t give a crap and know they will get assistance. They don’t have a job because they don’t want or need one. There are people, and this I know as a fact, that have an education, a good job, that have quit because they make more on disability (that they don’t really have) food stamps, and free housing. Them riding the system makes it hard for those who really need and deserve the help. You made a very good post, and I do agree. I choose not to single put anyone, but there are those who do need and can’t get, and those who are getting and don’t need. SO, how to you go through hundreds of thousands of people and figure out this mess? You either have to cut everyone off and start over or give freely to everyone. Maybe food stamps should be limited to nutritious food and not junk food. I am enjoying this conversation and you can just send me an email if you like.

    • The Barefoot Bookworm · October 17, 2013

      Sometimes I think certain people (frequently political) who claim to have everyone’s best intentions at heart really do harbor a lot of hatred for large swathes of humanity–the poor, the female, the darker, the ‘different’. It’s easy to argue against food stamps when it’s not your own next meal that’s in question.

      • The Barefoot Bookworm · October 17, 2013

        (I hope my comment didn’t show up as a reply–it wasn’t.)

      • cakeleevannila · October 17, 2013

        true story!
        here we have a food bank. a family can access the food bank once every 60 days, and they “give you enough food for everyone in your family to eat for a week” or so they say. but that is not the real deal. when you go half of the bread is molded, vegetables and fruit are rotten, and the meat is iffy. they hand out a bunch of outdated frozen desserts from grocery stores like walmart, who donate to them when the food is unsalable, but then we are looking again at nutritional issues, which cause medical issues, which cause economic issues, which cannot be solved. it’s hard to go to the food bank. it’s hard to apply for food stamps and make them feed your family for even a week. we have 6 ppl in our house-4 over 6 ft tall. i know how to cook cheap and from scratch, so we can literally spend about $200 a week on food, which is $1 per person per meal…the $200 also includes toiletries, so it’s even less than that. we eat good and we eat alot! we usually have enough to share and we have dinner parties with our friends occasionally. but if i worked (i physically can’t do to my disability) it would be impossible for me to take care of all the boys’ school needs, take care of ted, and keep up with the house and cook the food. i think every single politician should have to work on minimum wage for a year and get food stamps, feed their family on what they make, pay their bills in full on time bc they can’t afford the % of the late fee, buy shoes and clothes and gas, school supplies, shampoo, dish soap, etc.

    • cakeleevannila · October 17, 2013

      i do understand what you are saying about this. i am not saying there are not ppl who exploit situations, but i see more ppl trying very hard to pull a living out of the air than ppl who don’t need help. i have friends who are going to college and have children but they cannot get assistance bc they get a small amount of child support. i know for my family, when my kids were young and my ex and i lived seperate, i was able to get assistance, but when we got back together, even though only one of us worked at a time bc our children couldn’t go to daycare safely, we were cut off of assistance. i am had no family or friends at the time that could help by watching the boys. we pulled through but it is bc i worked myself into the hospital. my situation is not abnormal.
      i hear all the time that everyone has the same opportunities but that is not true, not at all. if you go and ask for help and noone tells you about possible services, you don’t have opportunity to use that service. there are schools that are using science books from the 1980’s. mental health services are rapidly decreasing across the united states but the rate at which ppl are diagnosed with mental illness is on the rise. more and more ppl are sentenced to prison, meaning they will never have a chance to do a whole bunch of stuff bc they are felons, leaving them with little option but to live as a criminal. even the example you used, big families with long lines of illiterate ppls….that is cyclic and all of my experience tells me this is backlash of centuries of oppression from the past, and their prospects are low to break that cycle until they are given help, different ways to do things, education and a chance.

      • The Belmont Rooster · October 18, 2013

        When I run for president, you can be my running mate.

      • cakeleevannila · October 18, 2013

        i am not sure how that will work out considering i am very anti-government but it sounds like a good time! i must warn you that i may be on a few of nsa’s watchlists for supporting anarchist groups like earth first and idlenomore and many pro-palestine groups.

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