political shark

do you know

i wonder

if you realize

i see through

your veiled lies

the deceit you wear

like a phantom mask

well, more than that

a cloak of woven bullshit

the rest don’t know

they see your wispy shape

and they hear your voice

screaming political epitaphs

at conservatives

it is hard to discern

you from your facade

but i see you

you are not a pixie

of the unions

you are not the guardian

of liberal knowledge

you pretend to be

you are a troll

hellbent on irrational

self delusion

justification of destruction

of your neighbors

your friends

on a whim

you are shiva the destroyer

of lives

of worlds

of people

in your handmedown tones

and floral prints

looking like the pinup

posterchild of progressives

small fish small pond

makes you feel big

to smash others in the face

in the ego

to defile a person

to their core

afraid to leave the house

relentless in your judgments

how others aren’t enough

smart, pretty, progressive, liberal

queer, female

not enough for your yard stick

i avoid you

because you are nasty

slime of character

lacking in humanity

lacking in all aspects

i find you a lightweight

and your words make

me spew bile

from the depths of my core

exploding from my nose

but you are a hunter

you seek me out

and linger on the sides

until i can’t hold up anymore

the stench of you makes me


i am repulsed

your lies of reality

all generic

copies of what you heard

in a speech at a rally somewhere

in oklahoma

you are full of shit

i see you troll

hunched over

licking your lips

waiting for another

victim of your making


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