there are many forms of feminists, as many forms as there are women. i have read some feminist literature and felt ashamed to be a woman. i have read some that make me feel like a superhero. but i have my own view on what the word feminism is and how it plays out in my life.
being a feminist does not take away from my relationships with men. as a matter of fact, it has improved my relationships with men. bc i respect myself and believe i have inherent value i will not be involved with anyone who treats me less than. i have 3 sons. they walk through life interacting with women. they have been raised in an environment that is egalitarian. we all make decisions together no voice louder than the next, but i am the one who generally hold the responsibility of making sure everything gets done. they have seen this and understand it.
in my world being a feminist does not mean that i agree with someone simply on the basis of them being a woman. in my world men are feminist. in my world, women of color have as loud of a voice as white women and i love to hear their perspectives. in my world trans women are women and deserve to be treated like women in social arenas. in my world the gender queer are active in feminism. in my world we do not have to take power away from ppl in order to have power-it already exists, we just have to learn how to tap into it. we are power kegs, all of us.
i refuse to follow the prototype of gender that i was taught growing up, to be quiet and demur and whispy. i was taught that a woman with an opinion was a naughty thing, and you are much better off being ignorant. i was taught that women aren’t worth as much as boys. i just refused to live that way. i was always outspoken, loud, brusque and a bit gnarly.
so feminism is not about demeaning men. it is not about being born with a cunt or without a penis. it is about full equality. and that is the bottom line!



  1. diahannreyes · October 15, 2013

    Agreed! Thanks for sharing so passionately!

  2. vicbriggs · October 15, 2013

    Yes. Full equality it’s all that’s it’s about. Concur.

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