human needs as commodities according to capitalism

artist-Stephanie McMillan

artist-Stephanie McMillan

this is supposed to be humorous, but in fact it is very very real! the ceo/headpig of nestle along w former president bushy 2 have bought up the fresh water sources in a few countries in central and south america. they have paid militant groups to surround the water in order to keep the ppls of the areas out of their investment. if the person cannot pay for the water, they cannot have the water. these water sources are essential for life to many communities, mostly poor communities, in which the ppls are not able to afford the cost set by the american entrepreneurs. they have justified this act by saying that water is a commodity and not a human right. this goes against the declaration of human rights drafted by the united nations. eleanor roosevelt was one of the main contributors of the declaration.
i would encourage everyone to read this document in it’s entirety. i also encourage everyone to speak up when these basic human rights are being denied to any human being on the planet!


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