blue skies- willie nelson

i have been on here keeping pretty good track of feeling shitty, but i rarely get on here to say that i am happy and feeling well…today i am changing things up a bit!
my pain is at a reasonable level today. i can think straight and i am not wanting to cut off body parts!
i have laughed alot. i wake up at 5 am central time every morning-zolenut leader of the insane cat posse makes sure of that. usually i hang out with jeff and sam while they are getting ready for school. we have our conversations and political debates during this time. but the kids are on fall break now, so it was just me and liger and zolenut for about 3 hours, which was nice! then tedford got up and we hung out talking. it seems like it should be weird, to hang out with your exhusband and really fucking enjoy it, but he is a really cool cat and i am lucky that i have a friend like him! we have been integral parts of each others lives for so long that not being around each other is just wrong. we talked about jesus, the quran, the base of the word albuquerque, and how stupid it is for ppl to call our government communist or socialist.
today eli left for albuquerque to be with his girlfriend. i am so happy for him! he hasn’t seen her since the end of august and he misses her like crazy. she is going to new mexico tech studying astrophysics. they are going to stay at a hostel and a friend of her mom and mine is driving them around. (thank you, jenn!) eli is coming home on sunday, and it feels very strange without him at home, but he gets to see his weckiai and that is so wonderful!!!!
it’s been a good day! the sun is shining and the birds are gathering on the electric wires indicating fall is here! soon the trees will be changing colors and we will be bundling up in our warm sweaters and knee high socks! we will be able to go on walks wo worrying if we are going to pass out from heat exhaustion. amy will be home from work soon and we can snuggle bug together and watch mindless tv for an hour or so and laugh at each other.
o and i still have some cookies left from last night bc i hide mine from the guys! rock on!


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