not being poor is not as easy as ppl tend to think

not being poor is not as easy as ppl tend to think

i hear all the time, that if ppl work hard, they can accomplish anything they want.  this is what keeps ppl going to work at minimum wage jobs-maybe someday they will catch a break!  but it isn’t like that for reals.

growing up, i had to take care of my mother and my sister.  my mom worked but she spent all her money on beer.  i had to work from a very early age so that we would have food and clothes.  i dropped out of high school with a semester to go until graduation bc i had to work 80 hours a week bc i was kicked out of my mom’s house.  when you are worrying about where your next meal is coming from your science project doesn’t seem too important.  maslows hierarchy of needs is not always absolute but it is a good thing to remember.

if you don’t know where to look for help, it is the same as there being no help available.  in the town i live in twice a year the dhs will pay your electric bill or gas bill, but you have to be in cutoff status.  also, you never know when this is going to happen, and it’s a first come first serve deal.  if your case worker doesn’t tell you, you don’t know and you are not offered the help.  this is just an example of how you can get lost in a sea of bureaucracy.

the american dream is dead.  it died in the before the 80’s and yet we still hold onto the idea that poverty is a choice.  for some it is a choice, but for most it is a constant state of treading water to keep from drowning economically.  you can’t put money aside for your kids’ college tuition when you can’t afford to keep your water on and that is when you are working 2 part time jobs.



  1. Lili · October 18, 2013

    Word. I would add that if you have no transportation to get to help, it’s the same as having no help.

    We aren’t doing much better financially here, unfortunately.

    • cakeleevannila · October 19, 2013

      that is very true about transportation! in lawton we have a public bus system that runs all over town and if you get medicaid they will provide transportation to drs appointments, but the buses stop running at 9 pm and never on sunday. cabs are outrageously expensive! the bus system is hard for ppl like ted and i to use due to our agoraphobia, mine is way less severe than ted’s, there is no way he could ride the bus. but the eli and sam know how to ride the bus and sam uses it daily to get home from school.
      we are doing ok, we eat everyday and have a nice house which we are able to pay all the bills and rent on. that is better than alot of ppl have. i feel like we are uber lucky to be in the situation we are in. we don’t have to borrow money or steal food. it’s a good deal! we were even able to give eli a good amount of spending money for his trip to new mexico. of course we are still way below the poverty line, but that is ok. i know how to stretch a dollar and food!
      i wish you all were doing better! we miss you alot, lili. ted does quite often talk about you.

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