dear queer anarchist,


most of the ppl that i have met, either in person or in cyberlife, that identify as anarchist also identify as queer and vise versa.  in all actuality this makes complete sense, both are means of breaking traditional colonial lifestyles: anarchy living without the state and the restraints it places on human beings/queer living outside of the dichotomy of binary gender roles and sexuality.

both of these concepts are extremely simple, and yet for some reason they are represented as a complicated bundle of theories only available to the educated elite.  when reading about either of these concepts, it is impossible not to notice the literature is meant for a select group of ppls and not the masses.  when the common american reads at a third grade level, attempting to access understanding of anarchy or queer theory is impossible.  most of the time i think the writers of the books/papers/articles/zines are in battle with each other to see who can be the most confusing and bombastic,one-upping each other in use of extreme vocabulary and complication of such simple theories.  this is counterproductive to the movement.

revolution is inevitable, in one form or another, things are changing rapidly.  the ppl are fed up.  they are tired, worried and sick.  they are tired of being forced into compartments not made for them,but for a generic cut-out of what a person should be.  this is happening and how we portray our ideals of humanity and it’s available options has everything to do with the direction the wind will blow.  therefore, pandering to each other who have already been exposed to these theories is doing nothing except to blow smoke up each others’ assses and continuing to divide ppl, just along new lines.  the educated elite and the common learned.  this is not revolution, it is painting the house another color.

the ppl who need queer anarchist theory are young, old, middle aged, toddlers, and the person drawing their last breath.  knowing there are options outside of rich and poor, male and female, black and white gives ppl hope.  it allows all to find a nitch, no matter how “outside normalcy” they feel or have been treated.

in the past few decades we have seen a dramatic change of social norms and ideas-the is a rise in interracial couples, homosexuals are becoming commonly seen in the media, feminism is changing the way women are treated.  none of this is complete and none is perfect but it is showing that ppl are opening up to breaking ties with conservative ideology, making room for egalitarian society that anarchy and queer theories offer.  but in order for these to be adopted, they must be presented in ways that are understood to ppl as they are now.  the educated elite are not the ones screaming in the night for revolution, the fed and rested are not grasping at straws to escape their situation.  it is the poor, the unprivileged, the uneducated masses that are in desperate need of immediate change.  and yet it is these ppl who are out of touch with the ideals that can make the largest difference in their lives, even just the knowledge that ppl are capable of thinking outside of the imaginary box that was built around their minds, can make all the difference in someone’s life.  the knowledge that there are others living freely, despite their surroundings, gives hope and light to those who are desperate for it.

so i am asking for us to stop making things so complicated.  it is really the most simple basic idea that you are good no matter what and you are capable of making your own choices.  we need to stop targeting self-identified queer anarchists and start talking and writing to the ppl who are without.




  1. AliKlip · October 20, 2013

    You’ve gotta love the academics…always using 50 words when 5 would do! 😉

    • cakeleevannila · October 20, 2013

      exactly!!!! there is no point in it except to sound more intelligent than the other guy. it doesn’t make your point any more valid to use words that are not accessible to the average person and over complicating simplistic ideas…at least that is how i feel about it.
      being queer and an anarchist just means not having boxes to bind you…it’s that simple.

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    • cakeleevannila · November 18, 2013

      ??? i am confused!!! sorry i don’t know alot about computer lingo i am a bit like a cavewoman in the tech department…i punch at the keys and just found out how to make an event on facebook….

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