they are back



i am not sure how the whole thing started…i just know it did.  jersey shore.  a show that highlighted every reason i live the way i do.  i believe the show was about something, maybe.  i am not going to lie, there were times that i would be flippin channels and i would get stuck on the jersey shore, jaw dropped and head tilted bc it was so embarrassingly humiliating to be a person when there are ppl like that out there.

the stars of jersey shore, snooki and jwow are coming back with a new show.  best known for their boobs and unnaturally orange skin o and their rampant drinking binges, these two women made fame out of thin air.  the snooki had a baby, and i think she stayed sober for the majority of the time she was incubating.  now she has a new baby accessory to carry around with her like her purse.

the existence and fame of these two enrages me.  they epitomize every cultural misconception of women.  they bring the collective iq of womenkind down by at least 35 points.  has their fame contributed to mankind at all?  have they used the opportunities to help anyone other than themselves?  this is what the world looks at and thinks american are!  and they are right!  if this wasn’t something that america idolized then how do they exist and keep coming back on the television set?  

i am sad and sick and discouraged!  little girls dress up to be the snooki for halloween and walk through the halls of school with cheetah printed legging and short skirts. why are there no shows about women that speak properly and love science?  please….just stop the snooki and jwow!  please

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