twac action ends in arrest of peaceful protesters

twac action ends in arrest of peaceful protesters

the trans womyn action camp, in solidarity with first nations of canada, had a peaceful protest at the irving oil headquarters.  of course, those who stood by their convictions and refused to leave were arrested.

for those of you who don’t know about the idle no more movement that really began hitting the media in december 2012, it is a group of peaceful protesters, for the most part, and began in canada due to the fact that the land of the first nations was being destroyed and poisoned by transcanda and big oil companies.  pipeline is being laid to move toxic sludge from canada down into the us for refinement and then distribution.  for a better understanding google search “fracking” “idle no more” “transcanada” and i am sure you will find other terms to bring you to new websites.  but this sludge is deadly.  as with any oil pipeline it leaks, spilling toxic tarsands into the ground water and up to the surface where there are ppl who are getting very sick.  many of the oil companies have broken treaties signed by the nations decades ago, infringing on their rights and their land and poisoning not only their children but your’s too.  idle no more has become a mass movement, especially among indigenous ppls, primarily bc the natives and first nations are the first ones to get trampled upon by these massive corporations.  many of the native reservations in the us have been targetted by transcanada and the others, waving “big” money in the faces of the economically deprived ppls.  after the contract is signed and drilling, digging and other invasions happen the terms of the contract, usually the hiring of the natives from the tribes, are broken.  despite breech of contract, there is not alot they can do at that point.

this is not only a problem for the natives, it is a problem for every person along the pipeline, and even beyond.  when this product leaks out like in mayflower arkansas it gets into the water reserves, it is absorbed by plant life, affecting the ecosystem in ways that are immeasurable.  we can’t allow this to continue!  it is killing us, surely and slowly!

the brave womyn from twac stood in solidarity and were arrested.  my friend christine was among them.  if you have a few extra bucks to send toward her and the other ppl who are fighting for all of our ecological justice please do!!!!  you can pay money at

if you can’t afford money and just want to send your support-i am sure they would love to know ppl are supporting them

or stop by their blog

the website that is originally linked has published the addresses of the protesters which is a violation of their privacy and in my opinion a safety concern.  if you believe this is information that does not need to be published please send a quick email to the site managers


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