trans-women left out in the cold by the mainstream lgbtqa community

click here for the story: trans-women left out in the cold by the mainstream lgbtqa community

cece mcdonald and chelsea manning are just 2 recent examples of the mainstream gay community turning it’s back on trans ppl despite the overwhelming need of support this group of ppl  especially have.  transwomen are the targets of police brutality and profiling. unreported and undocumented rape, when a rape is reported it is not taken seriously bc well all trans women are prostitutes in the eyes of the law,therefore they had it coming…sound familiar?  transppl are the most brutalized ppl at every turn of society and the darker the skin the more likely they are to be on the end of a pole to the face or having a bottle bashed over their skull.  so, where the hell is the outcry from the gay community?  why the separation?

this is just my opinion and is based solely on my experience with a few mainstream lgbtqa groups.  i may be totally off, but this is what i have seen as a common problem…..

the gay community as a whole is fighting to assimilate into the mainstream culture.  yes we are gay but we are just like you!  queers have moved out of their own communities and into the suburbs.  we have gone from bandanna boys to suit and and trademarked rainbow pride ties.  sure signs that we as a community are growing up, wanting to establish families, and blend in, but at what cost?

we are giving up our culture for the prefab manufactured hetero-normative lifestyle.  instead of demanding our rights as we are, we are willing to  put our culture and our history aside.  this is ok if that is what you want to do!  what i am not ok w is leaving our transgender and gender queer ppls to fend for themselves bc they can’t blend as easily as say a butch gay man or even a butch lesbian.  so the gay association with the transppl is on rocky terms.  it’s like realizing your best friend isn’t one of the cool ppl in high school-do you chose to go sit at the cool table wo your best friend of tell them to fuck off if they can’t accept your friend, too?  for me this is an easy one, but it seems as though the mainstream gay community is doing the opposite of what parents tell their children to do when faced w this dilemma in grade school, they are choosing the cool kids.

i can somewhat understand how the political aspect of the chelsea manning case might be a bit much for nonpolitical ppls to take on but when it comes to the outright media mockery of chelsea as a transgendered woman and the insistence of refusal to address her as a woman with feminine pronouns and her chosen name should be an issue the lgbt community is jumping all over!  cece mcdonald was protecting herself from physical assault, but due to the fact that she is a black transwoman made her guilty from the moment her assailant began the assault-no i didn’t mistype, she was guilty from the moment the person assaulting her began!  so where are the outpouring of letters and petitions sent to every inbox of every left, democrat person by changeDOTorg. where is the human rights campaign, where is the southern poverty law center or the naacp?  where are the groups that are formed to fight for the downtroddened and hated?  why are there no picket signs and political demands?  why are we not screaming at the top of our collective lungs for justice?

i am tired of this hypocritical nonsense!  i am tired of being a part of a group that would abandon me at the drop of a social whim bc maybe lesbians will be outta style next season!  i am not a hetero-normative woman with religious indoctrination and pradda shoes!!  queer ppl have a long history, of political radicalism and breaking the ropes binding them to arbitrary rules.  this history and culture are embroidered with the lives of the trans ppls, and to not hold them as brothers and sisters of the movement is disgusting.



  1. Anonymous · October 23, 2013

    Hell to the yeah!! You make me so proud 🙂

    • cakeleevannila · October 24, 2013

      thank you random stranger who i don’t know at all and definitely don’t sleep with!

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