yes i am a nerd

so yeah the andy griffith show is one of my all time favorite shows!  the simple plot lines and very blatant feminism for the early 1960’s (o yes there are very blatant feminist ideas in this show), not to mention the just pure innocence of the show make me very happy!  but when the darlings come on, i get an odd feeling that wells up in stomach and comes out the bottom of my feet propelling me into full blown dance mode!

for those of you who don’t know, many of the ppls that live in the appalachian mountains come from scots-irish decent.  they brought with them their unique musical styles.  so most mountain music has a strong irish  flare that evolved over time into what many ppl call bluegrass today.  but here is an example of  a traditional irish song done by the pogues a punk band known for it’s reworking of classic irish drinking songs!

i love mountain music it is wonderful and fun!!!!!

the last two bands amy and i saw in 2012 at a bluegrass music festival in medicine park and they are not only amazing musicians they are pretty nice fellas!

if you don’t see what these musical styles have in common…well, i don’t think i can explain it.  they are all evolutions of the rambunctious irish who were kicked outta ireland and ended up in the highlands of scotland then kicked outta scotland and ended up in america bringing with them their art of stilling alcohol, settling mostly in the appalachians and continuing the legacy that got them kicked out of well, the world.  many ppl of the appalachians prefer to stay to themselves taking great pride in their legacy of dissension from governments and their values of self reliance.  they provide most of america with illegal alcohol during the prohibition and invented the racecar in order to transport illegal spirits quickly and covertly.

(although from tx steve earle personifies the appalachian spirit and the way of life in copperhead road, his first hit!)

many families in the appalachians trying to make an honest buck are now being exploited by the mountain top removal coal industry, a dangerous and deadly occupation that is a form of capitalist slavery, passing down from generation to generation the credits at the company store.


beehive collective-the true cost of coal
the research and accuracy of this poster is amazing! if you ever get the opportunity to hear the beehive present on this poster, take it! you will learn alot! they put in years of work, not only on the artwork but on research of life in the appalachians and in the mining towns.


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