real beauty

real beauty

body image is one of the major aspects of self that women battle with on a consistent basis. we are never enough. we are too big, fat, ugly, our boobs aren’t perfect, our belly swells before menstruation, we have hips that are too big, we have flat butts, we have flabby arms, and we are told from birth these things are bad. we gain a whole new set of problems when we have children. and again when we hit the point in our lives when the beautiful chestnut brown of our hair begins to turn gray and the laughter in our eyes become wrinkles. sometimes we are directly told these things, but for the most part it is said through the media, advertising, clothing stores, the sneers toward others on the beach as they point and laugh at a woman who is over weight. it is taught to us by the dolls we play w as children. there are entire industries dedicated to making women feel ugly. so when i see a fashion model hold their head high in their underwear standing on the end of a runway for photographers to take her picture, it almost brings me to tears. thank you brave woman!!!


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