hate police-the dicks

the dicks were a tx hardcore punk band outta austin in the early 80’s. they kicked ass-if you haven’t filled our head w the dicks you need to stop what you are doing and listen to all you can!!!! in my opinion the only other band that was as influential to the tx punk sound as the dicks was the big boys! yup folks you heard me correct-the butthole surfers in all their fame pale in comparison to the sound of the dicks and the big boys!!! sorry to all the lovers of gibby, but i gots to keep it real.
gary floyd, front man for the dicks, is one of my fav ppl in all the lands. he is a super nice fella and a bad ass musician who’s musical projects also included sister double happiness (omg-such a good band),black kali ma and the gary floyd band. floyd was one of the first queer punks of hardcore before it become an acceptable and sometimes even expected lifestyle. he is brave and strong and awesome!!! his music has grown with him, with a more blues sound than hardcore these days, but the punk still lives.
**for those of you who are sitting listening to this song wondering where you have heard it before, mudhoney covered the song and released it in 1989-i believe, but their version, in this lady’s opinion, lacks the guts and grime that the dicks bring…of course i am biased….


  1. Punx In Solidarity · November 6, 2013

    The Butthole Surfers are in a class’s of their own, but here’s a top ten list of all time greats from Texas

    1. The Big Boys
    2. The Dicks
    3. Stickmen with Rayguns
    4. D.R.I.
    5. MDC
    6. The Skunks
    7. The Hugh Beaumont Experience
    8. Really Red
    9. Marching Plague
    10. The Hates

    • cakeleevannila · November 6, 2013

      there was a band who’s lead singer died before they really got off the ground-the loco gringos. they are actually my #1 tx band. they had an old limo they welded liberty spikes to and you would see it driving through deep ellum in dallas! they were so fucking good!
      there is a band who was around early 90’s outta denton called brutal juice. they broke up relatively recently, but they rocked out and put on such a great show!!!! unicycles and cig burns-the works!
      i am of course biased, growing up in tx and knowing alot of the ppl in many of the bands. it warms my heart!!!

  2. Punx In Solidarity · November 6, 2013

    Here’s a cool Texas Punk Site. Check it out! Rich

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