steve earle, thinking about burning the walmart down

steve earle is a political activist/musical superman/mad genius; steve earle is a punk rocker! for decades now earle has shouted his views in the faces of the conservatives, screaming about shit that is just wrong! he has brought injustices to the forefront of the listener’s mind. he was shunned by the mainstream country music scene for speaking out against the treatment of john walker lindh, an american man who joined the taliban and was captured and tortured held as a prisoner of war. now, at 63 he still rocks the socks off singing of burning the down one of the most anti-human corps in existence today-walmart.
walmart pays their workers a nonliving wage and forces mom and pop stores around the globe to close their doors due to an inablitiy to match prices. then when all the options are off the table walmart prices shoot up, gouging the pocketbooks of consumers everywhere. in small town usa walmart is the only industry for miles, and the grocery store/hardware store/pharmacy/accessory store you have no choice but to shop in, continuing the nasty capitalist cycle.


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