those damned welfare moms who work 30 hrs a week are just lazy (no charge for sarcasm)

those damned welfare moms who work 30 hrs a week are just lazy (sarcasm is free)


science has proven that food is a necessity for life.  i mean it was suspected by now it is proven-the human body cannot live without food.  it has also been proven that living under constant stress caused by an inability to feed your children causes health issues.  another factoid children recognize stress in their parents and therefore are under stress themselves.  something else that  we have learned is that eating healthy food leads to less medical issues.  empty calories are not good calories.  but for a family unable to even afford the cheapest of cheap food, eating kale and blueberries is only a dream!

our government has decided that ppl needing food is not a priority in their spending.  what is important is jets, fancy assed bombs (they aren’t pointy enough, bombs must be pointy!!!!-the dictator), spending accounts for politicians who work a max of 130 days a year (those days are not full days they are about 3-4 hours max) and their friends, limo rides, new suits, and a whole bunch of bullshit the real ppl in this country can’t even dream of.  the amount of money we spend on military stuff is outrageous!  the amount of money we put into one jet would feed every single family in poverty for a year if not more.  it would ensure all ppls get fruits and vegetables and that ramen noodles are a thing of the past!

our collective theory that ppl on welfare: food stamps, tanf, housing, medical, disability…are lazy, goodfornothing sponges is not only a lie it is utterly ridiculous!  food stamp fraud maybe something that happens occasionally, but for the most part ppl on food stamps just want food.  they want to be able to feed their children and still keep the electricity on.  see the deal is this: a person works 30 hours a week at say $10 an hour so they bring home about $250, which is $1,000 a month.  their rent is $650, electric is $100 a month, water is $100 a month, gas is $50 a month.  they are now left w $100 of money to buy food, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, medicine, fuel for the car or money for the bus, and you hope and pray that your kid doesn’t need money for a field trip.  so what legal options does this family have?  what options are there for them?  they can work more hours, but let’s say that like in my house you have ppl w disabilities and they need to go to drs appointments, therapies, specialists, there are ieps, homework, friends.  or let’s say that your 3 kids are good at sports and they want to be on a team there are practices, games, parties they must go to.  where is the parent supposed to find the time?  what does the family give up-time or money?  you can’t raise responsible children when you don’t have the time to see your children!

it is despicable to me that ppl are considered lazy bc the economic situation in this country is out of control.  working at a job like mcdonalds is not something any parent wants to do, but you will bite that bullet and drop the fries.  being a waitress in a restaurant working for $2.15 an hour and doing a voodoo dance before your shift that you will make enough money to pay your electric bill has nothing to do w laziness!  those ppl deal w your bullshit, bring your damned steak the way you want it, laugh at your lame jokes and pretend to give a fuck about your ingrown toenails!  they smile even when their kid had nightmares and kept them up all night, they smile even when they are sick as hell and show up bc they have to pay a bill, they look at the $1.25 tip when you bought $75 of food and suck it up, they walk over 15 miles a day and don’t take breaks!  there is nothing lazy in that!

what is lazy is a gov official who shows up to laugh w their gov official buddies, going out to eat and calling it work.  lazy is the scumbag politician who gets fat off that waitress’s hard earned money!  it seems the higher up on the finacial food chain you are the less work you actually do.  but it’s the ppl who turn the wheels of society, who are essential for the business to be open are the ones overlooked and blamed for being poor.

being poor is not a character trait but it has helped me in who i am today!  i have some pretty fanfuckingtastic morals that are a direct result of being poor-empathy, compassion, fellowship w my neighbors, responsibility to ppl who have less than me, a true knowledge of community, the ability to stretch a dollar and balance a budget when there is not enough money to pay for everything, being able to work with companies, compromise, endurance, fight!  poor ppl bust their asses!  poor ppl do what they have to do!  we make it under conditions that are invisible to those in the higher tax brackets!!!  it’s time poor ppl start to realize we are the ones who keep it going allowing the pigs to sleep in beds!


  1. Lili · November 4, 2013

    Besides benefits not paying enough, getting them is hard work- paperwork, sitting in offices waiting for hours to be seen, constantly dealing with reviews, and so on.

    Talking of which- and not to nag- but could one of you please, please email me your info? We’re eating Ramen noodles two meals a day around here and can’t get an increase in benefits until we can finish the form. I promise nobody will actually contact you, they just want to know that you aren’t over here and so-called “scrounging” like we are. :-/

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