dear body

dear body,Image

i know we have not been getting along very well over the past few months.  i apologize for that.  i am not exactly sure what i did to deserve the full force of your wrath.  if you would please explain i can remedy any miscommunications we have had.  i would like to go back to our relationship as it was before, when we were both happy and healthy.  i promise i am doing all i can in order to fulfill your needs, but, sweet body, you are making it very difficult for me.  the constant exhaustion, the lack of digestion and nutrition, the inability to sleep, the pain, taking away my freedom to speak correctly, the falling down, the confusion and the infections make it difficult at best to want to be around you.  i know that you are going through something, and things are hard on you too.  please allow me to help!  please let me know how i can be better to you, so you are not having to exhibit these problems!  hope to hear from you soon!


the brain of grace



  1. jmlol · November 5, 2013

    I’m not religious, so you can’t be in my prayers, but you are in my thoughts.

    • cakeleevannila · November 5, 2013

      i am not religious either, and your thoughts are very very much appreciated!!! when ppl say “i will pray for you!!!” it makes me kinda squigglie inside but i know they mean it w the best of intentions when referring to things like health and sanity! when they say that after they learn i am gay, it kinda takes it to a whole other level though….thank you!!!

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