middle school football team does something fabulous

as a mother i have watch cruelty play out many times. as the mother of children w autism spectrum disorders who have major difficulties navigating through social scenes there is a pain to knowing your kid is going to be the last one picked for any community activity. we celebrate friendship in our house bc it takes a special person to overlook some of the hurdles my kids face.
when eli was in second grade he wanted nothing more than to play baseball for his school. he loved baseball since he was younger than 6 months old! the first time he smiled it was at ted throwing a baseball into the air and catching it. he got a tball set for his first christmas and would sing the national anthem hit the ball, run his bases and slide home, after the seventh hit, he would sing “take me out to the ballgame” harry caray style then finish out his one man game of tball. we went to every practice, we practiced at home, we showed up for games, we paid the money to be on the little league team, but the coaches never paid any attention to eli, he was allowed to go up to bat once in the 8 weeks of the season and he stole his way to home on a bunt. the coaches when talking to him would demean him, and we were not even invited to the picnic. eli has gross and fine motor skill differences, but despite how his muscles were formed he tried. he hasn’t been on a team since then. he won’t pick a bat up. the experience was one of heartbreak.
in this video you see kids challenging every stereotype of the jock popular football playin kid. these kids, who’s peers nationwide are for the most part honing in on their nerd kickin abilities, go out of their way, risking a win to let the small boy w a disability carry in the touchdown! how rad is that????
i want to thank the parents of these boys! i want to tell them that you made a mother in oklahoma reevaluate the way she sees preteen/teen popular boys. i want to thank these boys for having guts and morals and for giving a damn about a kid who really really needs them to be on his side! you probably changed that boys life, more than you will ever know! the love and compassion you showed him in that simple act, speaks volumes to my heart!
we see the bad all the time. it is simple to see the ugly. it is easy to hold onto fear and desperation during scary and desperate times. i am the first to stand and scream and shake my fist at injustice! i will rally! i will fight! i will not be silenced! but today i am learning to take in the serenity of small victories for those who deserve them so much! today i see a positive in the action of these boys! i will bask in this happiness for a moment and try to remember it when i see negative.


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