real numbers on poor in the united states

real numbers on poor in the united states

we have been told that the middle class is dwindling, that there is an extreme gap between the upper and lower classes, but what we are not told is being poor-like dirt poor-is more than normal it is expected.  80% of americans at the poverty line.  that means that only one fifth of all americans-the richest country in world, the country boosting land of opportunity and streets paved w gold where any orphan annie can get a daddy warbucks-are not in poverty!!!  let me say that again-there is only 1 out of 5 ppl who are living above the poverty line.  another fact that is not talked about is when looking at economic placement of government assistance is taken into account, bringing the numbers up to 80%!!!  so a family may get $300 in food stamps and that brings them up to just at poverty level.  that in light of the cut in the food stamp program is a startling number!  we have 4 in 5 ppl in poverty when getting some sort of assistance that has now been either reduced drastically or pulled out from underneath them altogether!  tell me again how capitalism is working out for the overwhelming majority of ppl…bc from my perch under the poverty line, i don’t see any forward progress.


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