angry eye experiment blue eyes vs brown eyes

this is a wonderful look at racism and privileged and how denying race does not mean you are less racist, it means you won’t look at the issue, putting it in someone else’s court to deal with.

i do have to point out an issue i had with this…

she said “you can change your orientation.”  well, my sexual orientation has as much meaning to me as being a woman, another thing i can’t hide and should not be asked to.

but she is correct that race is something ppl cannot hide, can’t escape from, and never not deal with.



  1. Roxann Bray-Larsen · November 12, 2013

    Yes people can change their hair, look at my kids, and the color of their eyes, they can even hide their true self, but you can not change sexual orientation, deep held true beliefs, religion..or not,values or none that are who you truly are. You can pretend but it doesnt change what is real. My late sister in law,( we lost her at way too early) most her life tried to be and do what was expected of her. Finally she still couldnt please everyone, so she started be herself and trying to live for herself. Wouldnt it have been great if her short life could of been led honestly without judgement.
    Love and miss you JoJO

  2. cakeleevannila · November 15, 2013

    i thought the woman in the video said orientation when she said ornamentation. oops my bad!

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