i am not a racist but….


when i hear the words “i am not a racist but……”  i must brace myself,plant my feet firmly on the ground, clench my fists and lock my jaw bc whatever comes after those words is going to be the most denigrating shit ppl can spew from their talk hole.  when ppl must give a preamble to their thoughts assuring you that what is coming up seems racist but in it’s intent is not racist means you are about to inflict racist ideology onto me and i do not give my consent to that.  this has been a problem with me for a long time.  i usually interject before the racial slime can ooze out of the mouth of the bigot i am talking to, warning them that i will not be quiet if what they say is demeaning to a large group of ppl based solely on generic judgments and bad education…so they run the risk of my verbal backlash.

so i brought this up, and my son’s girlfriend who is extremely culturally and ethnically diverse says “why don’t we say i am not racist but then follow it up with stuff that has absolutely nothing to do w race at all…i am not a racist but my ingrown toenail is painful!”  this is bc she is brilliant!  it is the thing around here to say.

o and it’s not just race, here are a few other things that i have heard predisgustingnonsensicalstereotypes:

i am not a homophobe but

i am not a bigot but

i don’t hate women but

i am not prejudice but

i don’t hate muslims but

i don’t hate jews but

i don’t hate christians but

all of these preemptive statements lead to hateful nastiness.




  1. Lili · November 13, 2013

    You forgot one: “No offense, but”….always means the person is going to say something that they know damn well is offensive, and often it fits into one of the areas you just mentioned.

    • cakeleevannila · November 13, 2013

      yup i forgot that one! i knew i would forget something! to me when you know you are saying some assholish shit you should just shut the hell up! especially when you know the person you are addressing is totally opposed to that nonsense!! i have never kept my hatred of prejudice and stereotyping a secret! so everyone who knows me knows that stuff is horrible to me!
      it weird. i am constantly checking myself, my values, my views, my thoughts making sure i am aware of when i am stereotyping ppls. we are all guilty of it, but we have to recognize we are doing that and make steps to educate ourselves and stop.

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