ween-baby bitch

ween is a band that i hated! they were introduced to me via some girl i met while taking psychedelics one night and i hated her so i hated ween. this was in about 1992-1993 when pure guava had just come out. she played push the little daisies for what to me was hours and days! i couldn’t get past that moment purposefully.
then ted came back after a 5 year break bringing w him ween. he knew i was unable to like them, so he played me songs without telling me who it was. he was quite selective in the play list as to not arouse my suspicions and smash the musical playing device. i learned i love ween!!!!
ween was started by gene and dean (aaron and mickey) in 1985 in new hope, pa. they started “ween” as a way to snuggle up to the ladies, it was kind of a joke. then they had to put their money where their mouths were and play a gig. oops. well turns out they are better than anyone ever suspected! bc ween would rock your lame ass!!!
baby bitch was released on chocolate and cheese in 1994 when it was still just gener and deaner and a drum machine!


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