beehive collective “mesoamérica resiste” kickstarter campaign

beehive collective “mesoamérica resiste” kickstarter campaign


most ppl in the activist world have heard the words-beehive collective, whether you are an environmental activist or a gender queer anarchist or just a left leaning human, if you have been around movements, you have a sense of who they are and what they do.  the beehive is an art collective telling stories from around the world, focusing on intersections of environmental and economic and ethical justice.  they tour the country w huge murals printed on specially made recycled material, using animals and  plants as the center of stories purposefully and intentionally to leave racial stereotypes in the dust, the beehive collective is now launching it’s brand new poster- mesoamérica resiste.  this poster is mindblowing, and the work the artists and storytellers have put into it is overwhelming!  the lowest donation is a dollar and every dollar counts!  if you can donate, please do!!  all of the proceeds go into spreading the word for humanitarian justice around the world!

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