transgender day of rememberance

transgendered day of rememberance

i am lucky enough to have never lost a loved one to a bashing, thank goodness. so today i will think about the faces of strangers that i saw flash through media sites. so today i will think about the trans and those pushing the idea of binary gender boundaries out of the window. i will love my trans and gender queer friends like i always do, but i will breathe a sigh of relief that they are safe and w me still. today i will think of their smiles, their voices, their “i got my own thing” goin’ on attitudes! today i will try to remind them all i love their bravery and what they have done to truly empower not only my family and myself but the community at large! thank you, cole. thank you ayrca. thank you kennedy. thank you jace. thank you benjamin. thank you, alex. thank you faye. thank you christin. thank you all!!!! with all my love forever!!!!!!!


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