VIDEO: Children Wade Through Swamps Of Raw Sewage In Streets of Central Gaza

VIDEO: Children Wade Through Swamps Of Raw Sewage In Streets of Central Gaza.

reblogged from dispatches from the underclass

“This is absolutely sickening. Sewage treatment has long been a problem in the Gaza Strip thanks to the illegal blockade, enforced by Israel, Egypt and the United States. But the recent crackdown by the Egyptian military on cross-border smuggling tunnels—one of the few lifelines that’s kept the besieged strip from descending into complete catastrophe—has led to adisastrous fuel shortage, leaving residents with little to no electricity and  bringing to a halt operations at Gaza’s largest waste water treatment plant.

“This is the start of a catastrophe and unless the world listens to our cries, a real disaster may hit Gaza and its people,” Gaza municipality’s Sa’ad El-Deen Al-Tbash told Reuters. ”This is a humanitarian, not a political issue. Gaza’s children did nothing to deserve being stuck in sewage.”

This is utterly insane. No child—or any human being for that matter—should have to wade through pools of literal shit to get from one place to another. I don’t care who’s running the Gaza Strip, there is NO excuse for the man-made humanitarian crisis that the people of Gaza have been forced to endure over the last six years.

The lack of electricity is disrupting people’s daily lives in ways that are unimaginable to those of us lucky enough to take such a luxury for granted.”


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