free cece mcdonald

free cece mcdonald

most ppl even within the lgbtqa community don’t know the name cece mcdonald. the crimes against her went unmentioned. if her name is mentioned, it is generally followed by “killed a man” or “convicted of second degree manslaughter”. the truth is cece was just walking down the street, and was verbally accosted by a group of white ppl outside of a bar, she had words with another woman and a fight broke out when the woman smashed a glass against cece’s face. in the group fight a man was stabbed and cece was arrested. so the straight white ppl were allowed to sling hate speech at the queer ppl of color, it was not illegal for the white woman to smash a glass against cece’s face slicing her open-the crime was cece’s defense of her life.
sadly, this is not a lone story. sadly, cece will not see freedom until feb 2014 at the soonest. crimes against transwomen are outrageously high and against trans woc it is unimaginable! many of the crimes against twoc go unreported bc when reported the woman is treated w disrespect and harassed as “deserving what she got” bc the prejudice of transwomen is they are all just “guys pretending to be female whores so they can rip off poor innocent men”. when they are raped, when they are assaulted, when they are hit, when they are cut, injured, run over, MURDERED it is looked at as though they deserved it. cece escaped w her life. and even though she is in jail for preventing her own murder, she is one of the lucky ones.
for more information or to show support and solidarity for cece mcdonald please visit:



  1. jmlol · November 23, 2013

    My son and I are going to write her a Christmas card. Thanks for the post!

    • cakeleevannila · November 23, 2013

      that is a great idea!!! o i bet that would make her so happy! i was the leader of an lgbtqa youth group and i am kinda maybe starting another group up celebrating diversity of all kinds, it would probably be the same kids from the first group but it would open it up in the future. those kids still email me like daily! they are friends w my sons and i bet it would make their entire holiday to do something for her.
      i hate to say this but i am the absolute worst christmas person ever in the history of the world! we have 2 nieces’ birthdays dec 10, our middle son is dec 19 and then there is xmas then our oldest son is dec 31! i don’t even start thinking about christmas until o about christmas eve!!!! i am so bad at it!!! especially now since they are old enough to rather have money than stuff! i do alot of baking and making anyway so it just sneaks up on me! oops-i am such a horrible consumer! but i think i will share that idea w the youth group kids!!! thank you!!!!!

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