so does anyone have the gps location of the revolution?


when i read or hear or talk to others about revolution, it is spoken like it is some action to be taken in the future.  when the idea of stopping discrimination by bucking the oppressors of “minorities” is said as though the oppressors have a headquarters set up somewhere, and one day the oppressed-anyone who is not wasp, rich (mindlessly rich-never paid a real bill rich),cis-male, heterosexual-are going to jump in their environmentally sound machines and turn the joint over, stealing our power back bc they took it away and keep it in a floor safe under lock and key guarded by a cerberus-like hellhound on pcp!!!  i run this through my mind as they are talking or i am reading and see it all play out usually in silent anime form with loads of jitsu, cleavage and beams of light.  but when i am alone and i think of these concepts my reality is a bit different.

everyday is a revolution.  it is not something that is going to happen someday somewhere maybe.  it is something i do daily.  it’s thinking, living, breathing, wanting, and loving my way.  it is living w other creatures in a productive atmosphere.  it is dancing when i have no legs, singing when i have no words and defying gods of the social constructs.  it is doing what is right for no reward except to do what is right.  it is laughing even when i am poor, it is walking down the street in the rain holding the hand of the woman i love even when they told me not to.  it is making decisions based on morality that is not up for debate.  revolution is waking up everyday and being me.

noone controls my power!  noone can take my power from me!  they can try to convince me i have no power or the power i do have is insufficient, but that only works if i believe the lie that someone else knows what is best for me better than i do.  when i decided to not wait for permission, i became in control of my power, and i can only be oppressed if i give up my rights of my own will.  

we have choices.  we all do.  we all have different choices than the ppl next to us.  we all have potential.  we all have power.  i chose to make a mark.  i chose to make my voice be heard.  i chose to never live in a shadow or a cave.  i will not give up my power to anyone else.  i have inherent worth and dignity-we call do, noone needs to tell us we are important bc we just are!  because of the choices i have made, my fingerprint is on mankind, as small as that seems in relation to other’s, it’s still there.  i will never leave the same fingerprint as ghandi, but why would i want to?  i leave my own!  through my children, through my friends, through my family, through my actions, through my words!  i live my revolution this moment!

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