poverty thoughts

poverty thoughts-this is a wonderful article from one woman’s perspective.  she makes several very good points!




Katie Busker passes the potatoes as she sits with her son at the home she shares with her sister and brother-in-law in Independence








we have a limited amount of choices accessible to us.  as a poor woman i know that this will more than likely be my financial state for the rest of my life.  i personally am quite cool with it for me.  what i am not ok with is the idea that my children will dance on the border of calm and chaos, shuffling money to keep the bills from getting turned off and still eat.

despite my lack of formal education, i have my wits and my guts and my complete lack of sensibility to know my place.  i should have been down for the count decades ago, but i am just too damned stubborn to know when to quit.

my kids have a chance!  all three of them are smart, determined, stubborn and tenacious.  they are all goal oriented and know what they want.  they know what it means to fight, we have had to at every turn, for just the bare minimum of what they are owed.  they are all on track to go to college.  that is pretty cool!


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