young man with asperger’s syndrome bullied in school and town blames him

young man with asperger’s syndrome bullied in school and town blames him

melcher dallas school

wow!  we live in an age in which information from all over the world is at our finger tips!  many ppl have phones that are faster than my laptop, and yet, there are still people who refuse to take the time to educate themselves.  one in 88 ppl have an autism spectrum disorder!  those are outstanding numbers, but here we are seeing not only teenagers who are nasty and uneducated but an entire town full of jackass morons!

autism is a neurological difference affecting the development in the brain of social and communication centers.  it affects how a person inputs sensory information from outside the body.  every person with an autism spectrum disorder is different and it affects everyone differently than the next person.  some ppl with asd’s can speak fluently, some may not be able to speak at all.  some ppl with autism may be able to sit in a classroom quietly, while others may need to rock back and forth to regulate their senses.  what is universal in ppl with asd’s is they are ppl-all capable of learning, all capable of feeling, all capable of growth!!!!   some ppl think that because many ppl with autism don’t show emotion the same way a person without an asd might show emotion they are not feeling emotion, but this is so far away from the truth.  ppl with autism feel as many emotions as everyone!  they are not stone!  but just like everyone else, emotions are not universal reactions to certain situations and noone is going to show emotion in the same way as someone else.  ppl with autism are not unthinking robot ppl, they are loving and unique.

i have many problems with autism speaks, many many problems with that nonprof, and a large majority of the issues stem from the fact that autism speaks has campaigned to villainize autism as a monster that has broken into the house and stolen a perfect baby leaving a shell of a person in it’s wake.  the facts are that a person is born with asd’s.  scientist are not sure what the cause is for the difference, some think it is genetic, others argue that it is environmental, and still others say that it is a reaction to toxins introduced into the blood brain barrier or a combination of these.  in my opinion, it is irrelevant, the causation.  searching for a cure to autism to eradicate the baby stealing monster is pointless and offensive.  it is saying “we don’t like your brain which controls all aspects of you therefore we don’t like you the way you are we want you to be the way we want you.”  the other major issue i have with autism speaks is they are a group of wealthy neurotypical ppl “educating” the public, and yet there is not a single person with autism in their midst.  they make multimillion dollars, most of which goes to their celebrity spokesppl, some to curation and less than 5% to anyone with autism.

if you would like to know more about autism and autism spectrum disorders, i suggest that you google search jim sinclair autism and go to reading everything you can, and go from there.

i am planning to write an open letter to the school district of this young man, to the principal and to the town.  i encourage anyone who has a person in their lives who is somehow different or has been affected by bullying to take a stand for this boy, and join me in writing to the school board their address is:

 Melcher-Dallas Community Schools

214 South Main, Melcher, IA 50163

and the website in order to send emails to the principal and superintendent is:



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