warning: lies and hatefulness throughout article

warning: lies and hatefulness throughout article

it is hard for me to imagine how ppl became so hateful.  is it sheer ignorance or is it by choice?  there is a part of me that wants to hold onto the idea that these ppl are just stupid.  but the reality is the effect of their actions is the same no matter what the cause of the actions are-discrimination, lies, deceit, violence, oppression.

in this article, the united nations declaration of human rights is mentioned.  and while sexuality and gender expression are not strictly outlined in the declaration, there are several categories in which these two issues can fall, and the overall tone of the constitution is avidly in support of equality for all persons.  the fact is that when drafted in 1945 there was no huge movement of gay and trans rights.  this is now 2013, and we have proven through natural and social sciences that these issues are, in fact, real and the ppl are not making a choice.  scientist have encountered not only homosexual activities in the animal kingdom (this is not exclusive to animals using sex as domination, many animal species have same sex relations for comfort) but also certain animals who are male and present as female and vise versa.  so until someone can explain to me, that a bird has the ability to act unnaturally and against nature, i hold the belief that being queer and trans is a natural element within certain living sentient beings, and is therefore not a choice that is made, it is one living by one’s true perceptions and feelings, in which the declaration of human rights outlines throughout.

now onto the nasty parts of the article-rape.  i cannot claim that there has never been a case of rape by someone dressed as the opposite gender.  i cannot say that.  i am sure there has been.  it is disgusting and vile. to judge transgender or gender variant ppls on the basis of some random acts of sociopaths is despicable.  let’s look at some real statistics on rape.

  • 52% of rapists are white
  • 99% of rapist are male
  • 73% of rapist were known to the victim
  • the average age of a rapist is 31 years old

so according to these statistics found on the rape abuse incest national network’s website http://www.rainn.org/ the ppl we need to actually be looking out for are white men that we know who are about 30 years old.  i google searched in several different forms transgender rape, transgender sexual assault, transgender rapists, and the overwhelming fact is transwomen are more likely to get raped than most women.  the only results that came up when googled about trans ppl being the perpetrators of sexual assault was the article about how the transgender rights bill in maryland did not lead to rapes.  so, the facts are that there is no increase in sexual assaults by giving trans-ppl and gender queer ppl rights to use bathrooms and locker rooms.  the numbers of sexual violence committed by trans ppl are so low they are not even considered in the statistics.

it is time we get real about things!  it is time to look at the reality of situations and not relying on lies and outdated mentalities perpetrated by privileged ppls to keep the ball in their court and alienate “the others”.


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