what can go wrong in prison?

what can go wrong in prison?

maricopa prisoners

jail is bullshit, plain and simple.  we cover up the fact that it is a really bad idea to lock ppl away with fantasy of rehabilitation.  there is no rehabilitation being offered for the most part, just a political idea of retribution.  for the most part prisons are full to max capacity with nonviolent offenders, and the manner in which we institutionalize prisoners and leave them flailing out in the cold when they “return” to society pretty much guarantees a trip back to jail in the future.  it’s a ponzi scheme to make money using human beings as labor and commodities.  the get tough on crime politicians use scare tactics to get votes and then use the same votes to build more institutions to put more ppl into cages.  there is a complete economy dedicated to the prison system, it feeds and waters itself, a living breathing monster.

the stanford prison experiment illustrates the dangers and psychological effects incarceration can cause.   and that is with mentally stable persons and staff, which as we know is not the case with many ppl going through the criminal justice system.  add to that days and days, weeks,  months and years of solitary confinement, constant barrage of stressful stimuli, never knowing who to trust or what can happen, and you have the recipe for the complete eradication of humanity from a human being.


so when i hear about things such as guards and wardens on power trips, it seems pretty low brow to me, kinda like kicking an old woman on a cane-there is no point to it except to be just a disgusting pig.  but sheriff joe arpaio takes the cake, is the blue ribbon winner of an asshole!  first of all, i need to explain that most ppl being held in maricopa county are hispanic, and there have been many many many incidents of racial profiling and harassment.  the aclu has stepped in and judges have sited sheriff joe for being a bigot and promoting racism.  sheriff joe also thinks the best way to teach lessons to prisoners is to emasculate them is to force all inmates to wear pink underwear and the officers to use pink handcuffs-because pink is for girls.  he also has taken away a meal a day, taken meat completely off the menu and charges inmates double what the county spends on food, yes, the prisoners are charged for their food.  he blast patriotic music through a speaker system.  he has set up a tent city where the temperature gets up to 150 degrees during the summer.  sheriff joe does everything possible to tear prisoners apart while under his care.

when hearing about these conditions i think about the fact that these prisoners are people first.  they are also going to be out in society at some point, more than likely.  they will be getting out of conditions that are worse than many warzones.  sheriff joe is a prime example of what happens when ppl have power over other ppl.


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