violent school

i am in shock and awe. everyday it becomes more and more evident to me, how much our society thrives on violence. it is something that is glorified and gives headlines to those who have done nothing but cause injury and harm to others.
the knockout game that is sweeping the nation is a magnified example of the violence that is occurring. the knockout game is when ppl find someone, usually an elderly person or a disabled person, and they sucker punch them for no reason, just for shits and giggles. victims of the knockout game are just innocent ppl walking down the street going to grocery stores or window shopping or on their way to the library.
the biggest kick in the balls of this whole thing is that some of the players of the game have video of themselves smashing ppl then when the person falls down they scream “you just got knocked the fuck out!” then they post their conquests on many social media sites. there have been ppl who have died as a result of being knocked the fuck out by some punk ass kid, and the repercussions are usually the kid is praised by his peer group. it takes one helluva badass to sneak up on ppl and hit them in the head, especially elderly ppl! i mean it doesn’t get tougher than that!
i can’t imagine feeling so separated from mankind that i could violently attack someone for fun. i can’t imagine seeing someone i know doing that, and laughing or filming as they do. i don’t understand at all.


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