warning-issue of sexual abuse towards men

warning-issue of sexual abuse towards men

society pretty much scoffs off the idea of males being the victim of sexual abuse.  the arguments are generally

  • how can a man get raped by a woman?  -well, for those ppl that aren’t aware an erect penis is just a matter of blood flow to the area, that can be accomplished by any number of ways.
  • if a male is sexually assaulted by another male he is gay and was giving off that gay vibe.  this is bullshit.  victims are not ever asking for it, male or female, gay or straight-abuse is abuse and it is never ok!  why do we feel we need to emasculate men when they are vulnerable, comparing them to women and devaluing them as “true men”?
  • if a man has an orgasm he liked it, so it can’t be rape.  ejaculation and orgasms are just another biological reaction to friction on certain nerves and tissues.  despite our attachment to the idea of orgasm meaning enjoyable sex, that is not the case.
  • men can’t be drugged and assaulted
  • men can’t have drunk sex
  • a man could get out of the situation if he wanted to.
  • what guy doesn’t want to have sex?

and so on and so forth.  because of these incredibly inaccurate view of maleness so many men go without reporting and live in shame and guilt.  when they do report, the crime is rarely investigated with vigor, leaving the victim in the cold and the predators in the streets.   

seeing these images are heartbreaking.  knowing the extreme pain, humiliation and degradation of sexual assault myself compounding that with the social stigma of being male and getting sexually assaulted is almost unimaginable.  we hush our voices when talking about rape, consent, rape culture, slut shaming, but when discussing these things in a masculine perspective the conversations are muted completely.  the men in these photos are standing up for so many more, holding the pain of this issue on their backs and attaching their faces to it.  thank you, gentlemen, for being so brave!  thank you for shining a light on this issue that needs to be discussed openly and honestly across gender lines and boundaries.


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