cop commits sex crime and gets suspended from work for 30 days

cop commits sex crime and gets suspended from work for 30 days

are you kidding me?  what in the world is going on?

a cop tries to get a child to send him “sexy pics” and is caught and is suspended from work.  o and he can spread the suspension out over a year, so take a few vacation days.  i am appalled by this!  the state attorney isn’t pursuing charges bc this guy has been a police officer…i would think that would be even more incentive to pursue charges to the fullest extent of the law!  he didn’t accidentally rear end someone, he is a sexual predator!!!!  you don’t get to say “o my bad!  it was an accident…” when it comes to sending text messages to a 12 year old girl and asking her to send you pictures, more than once!!!  i am sick!!!  i think everyone should be pounding on the floor for justice for this girl and who knows how many other young girls he has preyed on!!!



  1. Anonymous · December 4, 2013

    This strory really pisses me off in a personal way. My wife and I got arrested for indecent exposure for having sex in a public place, (Don’t even ask me why). I did a year in county jail for this crime and had to register as a sex offender and I read about this child molesting cop getting a slap on the hand for this sick sex crime. Fuck the police and the city halls who allow this example to make news. This guy would die his first day in prison, but yet he is still in the posion of authority and able to judge others who have done lesser crimes on the streets, fuck!

    Anyway, hi darling, how you been doing? My computer had a major trojan virus and has been shut down all this time. I see I have a lot of your articles to catch up on, ha! Drop me a note anytime.

    Cheers, Rich

    • cakeleevannila · December 4, 2013

      i was wondering where you were! no it is bullshit! he is getting a damn vacation essentially! it makes me sick to my stomach! i know a guy who pulled over on the side of the road and took a piss and they got him for the same thing-indecent exposure and registered sex offender, but i am seeing all these ppl who have actually committed sex crimes against children getting slapped on the wrist if even that. there was one guy who rape a 12 year old and was sentenced to 30 days in jail-time served bc the judge said the girl was “older than her age.” ummm… no fucking way! no child can consent to sex with an adult. i don’t care how mature she seems, there is a major disadvantage there and she can totally be manipulated. it’s crazy!!!

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