wage gaps-a story of famine for some and feast for the others

an economic guide

we are all aware that there are major discrepancies between the pay of the worker and the pay of the bosses.  this is no new revelation, what is new is a look at how huge the wage gap is!  an average mcdonalds’ employee will need to work almost 4 months of overtime to reach the salary of one hour of the ceo’s work day!  capitalism is broken.  it is a system of legalized slavery of the poor by the wealthy.

the economic discrepancies found just among the 10 corporations listed above are radical proof that things need to change.  this is just a glimpse within the american worker v employer wage gap.  the thought of what the gap between say the ceo of walmart and the factory worker in china where 70% of all products sold in walmart are produced.

while americans are bitching about a possible raise in minimum wage to bring the majority of ppl up to at least the poverty line, we are ignoring the fact that if ceo’s were to take a wage decrease and distributed that to the workers, many of them would no longer need to receive the “evil/vile/socialist/commie/hippie/liberal”  much condemned snap benefits (food stamps) or other forms of social assistance.  the extremely wealthy call for an end to social programs and have complete fiscal anxiety attacks at the idea of raising the minimum wage to such that a person would be able to live on it.  these are the ppl benefiting from the low-cost labor, of course they don’t want things to change for the majority of the country.  opponents to having a minimum wage, not to mention a raise in the minimum wage claim that by paying employees more, it will drive up the price of products therefore the cost of living skyrocket and putting the poor workers right back into the same situation they are in now.  but prices would not need to go up at all if the greedy were to donate an hour or so a week of their pay towards paying the workers something fair.



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  1. Raw Discourse · December 28, 2013

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