2 men experience one hour of the pain of contractions

i think this should just be required generalized sex ed, or at the very least expectant daddy’s should have to have a good round of simulated pain the mother of their kids go through! now, these strong healthy men endured what felt to them like contractions for an hour, and they look as though they have seen war. i can tell you as the mom of three kids, very rarely does labor last one hour! also, while contractions are painful, they are particularly difficult to deal with while your enter gal-hood is on display feet up in stirups while a baby is traveling through a tunnel about 8 times smaller than the baby, the pressure on the pelvis, and tearing and/or episiotomy (the cutting of the taint from hole to hole to make for a wider exit) all of which factor into the wonderful experience of childbirth. i do have to admit that even though it is a gut wrenching experience, that words do no justice, it is worth it in the end! that baby makes the world melt away and you fall in love for the first time!


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