war-cry of the downtrodden…or my best poem EVER!!!!!


i love my kids, i think their rad
without them here life would be sad
sometimes we fuss, sometimes we fight
but without each other shit just ain’t right
you may have a hard time trying to understand
without each of us life would be bland and vanilla
bc we are the rannila clannila, not the clan of ranilla



  1. Punx In Solidarity · December 19, 2013

    Hey cakelee it’s Rich, how you doing hun? I have been working hard on 3 different zines I will be putting out early in 2014. Are you interested in showcasing some of your poetry and songs in a special section of the zine I can provide for you? I tag them well, so they will be seen all through the search engines, I specialize in SEO, so getting our names out there will be easy and they will be used from several of the big distros and independent book stores. The zines will go around the world, because I have some of the best connections in the zine business. Robert Eggplant has already agreed to do and intervew as well as Duane Peters my pal. The only thing I can pay you with is promised credit and recognition that would link readers back to your home page if you would like it to. I also need some words on Anarchy, homosexuality and anything else that’s politically controversial in America. Get back to me at punxinsolidarity@gmail.com. Let’s get busy kicking ass sunshine…



    • cakeleevannila · December 19, 2013

      robert eggplant from blatz? they are one of my all time favorite bands!! it was one of the bands i couldn’t shake when i was pregnant w eli! everyday it was blatz, alice donut, van morrison, and nova mob!! no wonder he is a super punk! lol!!
      anyway, i sent ya an email over there…super lookin forward to working w you!!!

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