white picket fences and tyranny

what happens to the mind

of those sent to bathe in the blood

of unknown children

turning a buck or two

for haliburton and ppg

mothers weeping over tiny bodies

just 10 seconds before laughing

newly killed and limp

at the hands of a mother of a child across the world

tucked in tight at night

don’t let the bed bugs bite

the ghost of people

killed for profit


rape pillaging screaming gunshots drones

white phosphorus exposing the bones

how long will we believe the lie

that these people

want us dead as door-nails

when will it no longer be

acceptable to participate in genocide

why must we keep this concept

of conquering people

needing military babysitting

people who

had water

had food

had mercy


until we arrived

old glory waving triumphantly

with our shiny radioactive metals

shimmering so lovely in the midday sun





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