family values

jumping up and down

on the front lawn

screaming obscenities

day after night

night after day

the cycle of madness

and discourse

is the ruler

of the palace

let’s just get stoned

let’s just forget

for a moment

that we loathe

despise and maim

each other

gauging into the soul

leaving scars 

like shrapnel splitting skin

you are a bomb

blowing my life apart

no hope for peacefulness

no hope for truce

your disrespect

for all that is human

or sacred 

or divine

feels like bad jazz

no rhyme or reason

just nonsense and noise

it wasn’t supposed to be

this way, ya know

the pills

the drugs

the executions

changed the outcome

leaving us void

without witness

so the battle rages on







  1. jmlol · December 28, 2013

    I like it.

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